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About Hearing Loss by Quality Hearing Care in Grants Pass, OR


Hearing Loss: Worse Than You Think

You're hear because you already realize that hearing loss is inconvenient and frustrating. You're tired of asking people to repeat themselves. Hearing problems impact your life far more than the obvious issues you see now.
Hearing loss can eventually lead to other challenges. Untreated hearing problems can lead to:
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Reduced Mental Sharpness
  • Communication Difficulties
  • Job Loss
  • Relationship Challenges or Loss
  • Social Isolation
  • Self-Esteem Damage
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Impaired Ability to Understand Sounds, Including Speech (when hearing is restored)

Hear Better Today

Many people wait until they can no longer hear, or barely hear, before getting their first hearing aids. Whether someone needs a hearing assistance device due to age or injury, many will wait up to 10 years before purchase. The longer the wait, the more likely a person will develop many of the problems associated with hearing loss.
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Don't sit around waiting for your hearing to improve.
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